A small and flexible team introduces itself

The world of semi-finished products is our world

We create solutions for your problems with innovative ideas.
Are you looking for a part as per drawing, a special profile, a thick-walled tube – cut or in one piece? We will find a convenient answer for you!
We solve your desired delivery date with an efficient and multi-shift working company.

Just-In-Time, Kanban
The globalisation of markets demands a maximum of cost management. In order that the modern manufacturing company can focus on their main tasks RMG assumes multiple preliminary works concerning stock holding such as:

  • storing
  • cutting
  • converting
  • chamfering
  • preturning
  • milling
    and so on.
RMG offers additionally:
  • monitoring of deadlines for delivery and pieces
  • company certificates for all dimensions
  • 100% Dimension inspection
  • Fixed prices over a specific period

Please ask us! We will make you an individual and customised offer.

Would you have known?

Germany has the highest per capita aluminium demand worldwide with approx. 38 kg per year